Is there any chance of me being able to change my son’s surname so that my family name is added to his,even if his mother,whom I never married, objects? My paternity is registered on my son’s birth certificate, and I see him regularly, but he bears his mother’s surname only and I want the alteration made before he starts school.


Yes! Although it is preferable for unmarried parents to reach decisions about their joint child’s surname together, by mutual consent, you can bring legal proceedings at the family court to add your surname to your son’s, if his mother objects and the family court has discretion to order the change, despite her objections, if it considers it in his best interests. In August 2016 Tel Aviv Family Court overruled a single mother’s objection to the father’s application to add his surname to that of their 6 year old son, accepting the recommendation of the welfare worker whom it had appointed to report on the matter.

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