I live with my wife and children in France. She is French-Moroccan and we all flew to Israel to visit her family in Netanya, Israel. I travelled home to Paris earlier because of my business and my wife was supposed to follow on with the children shortly after. She sent me a text message to say they are not coming back, hardly answers my calls, and when she does, only lets me talk to the children for a few seconds. My eldest son managed to send me a message from his cousin’s phone,without his mother knowing, saying they miss me, and want to come home. What legal action can I take to get my children back from Israel to France- and what is the timetable?


Initiate fast-track Hague Convention child abduction proceedings at the local family court in Israel. By not returning the children to France, their country of habitual residence,and retaining them in Israel, beyond the agreed time, your wife is committing a civil act of passive child abduction and you have grounds for obtaining an order for their prompt return from the Israeli family court. Our law practice specializes in such proceedings which are supposed to be decided within 6 weeks from the time of filing in court.