Can an Israeli guy who becomes a father abroad with the help of a surrogate mother and an egg from another woman, become the exclusive guardian of the child under Israeli law, if the surrogate mother gives up all rights to him in the foreign court?


As the surrogacy process and the birth took place abroad, and and was registered there, presumably in the country where the surrogate mother was a citizen, then, assuming that the whole process was legal,according to the law of the country involved, and used your own sperm, and the genetic material of a woman other than the surrogate, one would assume that some legal process actually took place in the courts of that country in which the surrogate mother relinquished all her guardianship or parental rights in the child, so that you, as the biological father, hold these legally, and exclusively, according to the relevant foreign law.

If this was indeed,so, and a valid judgment or legal decision was given abroad, granting you exclusive rights of guardianship and custody of the child,and even express permission to take him/her out of the country, then such a decision can,in principle, be recognised in Israel, if it conforms to the requirements of the 1958 Recognition of Foreign Judgments Act. Without further details, and especially the name of the country involved, only a general answer can be given, as above.