Can I take any legal action to stop my girlfriend,who I got pregnant,from having an abortion? She is under pressure from family to do so but I want her to carry on with the pregnancy and have proposed marriage to show how serious I am. She is in her 6th week of pregnancy.


Yes, though generally courts give preference to a woman's right to have sovreignity over her body and to make decisions about her body,and pregnancy, as opposed to the rights of her male partner,whose opinions may clash with hers.

Legally speaking, it is possible for an intended father to apply and even obtain a court order preventing his pregnant girlfriend from having an abortion, for which the foetus is appointed a guardian, to protect its rights, in your case it may not be possible in such an early stage of pregnancy. The court would have to decide at the outset, when legal proceedings are brought before it, whether the embryo/foetus is sufficiently mature to be capable of life and of having legal rights.

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