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"Family Law in Israel - Q's & A's" is the latest in our specialist series of English language web sites on different aspects of Israeli family law, our exclusive practice area. It contains shorter 'Questions and Answers" (Q's & A's) than our main website 'Family Law in Israel'.

Feel free to send in a question. Answers to selected Q's with appear on this website, at our discretion. Please note, however, that answers provided are not a substitute for individual legal counselling, which is available for payment.

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Services Offered

Are you looking for representation in court in Israel on an aspect of Israeli family law, a second opinion or legal advice? We are an established and specialist family law practice with an international outlook offering a full range of legal services to clients in Israel and also overseas.

We deal with: 

  • divorce
  • dissolution of marriage
  • children’s issues
    • child custody
    • contact arrangements/parental time
    • international child abduction (Hague Convention cases)
    • relocation of minors
    • paternity
    • maintenance / child support
    • contact - grandparents
    • guardianship and adoption
  • financial / property issues
  • cohabitation / common-law spouses
  • agreements
    • pre-nuptial agreements
    • cohabitation/family-life agreements
    • separation / marital reconciliation agreements
    • divorce agreements
    • on children's issues
  • guardianship & adoption (adults)
  • citizenship & residency issues
  • inheritance & wills

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