What can I do to stop my wife from leaving Israel with our baby and not coming back? We are both new immigrants to Israel (me, Jewish, from the States, and her Russian, half-Jewish , through her father ). She is pressing to visit her mother in Moscow, with our child, but we have been arguing a lot lately, her behaviour is suspicious, and I think she is planning to trick me, pretending to visit ,while actually planning not to return.

If you have reason to believe your wife is planning to abduct your child from Israel, you can apply for an emergency ex-parte order at the family court, against your child, on the minor’s Israeli and foreign passport/s. If you persuade the court that there is sufficient grounds for suspecting your wife to be planning to abduct your child, then the family court can grant a temporary order preventing the minor’s exit from Israel, before your wife is even served with the application.If your wife wishes to cancel the stop order against your child, then she will have to apply to the Israeli family court to do so, in which case a hearing will be set, in front of both of you. Even if the court grants her permission to travel overseas temporarily with the child,for a visit,it may condition this upon financial or other guarantees. If these are substantial /realistic they could act as a deterrent against child abduction and an incentive for your wife to return your child to Israel at the end of the visit. If you do not take this preventative action, you may be faced with having to bring Hague Convention child abduction proceedings to get your abducted child back to Israel , which will be more difficult and the proceedings will be held in Russia, not Israel.