What can be done in the face of blatant parental alienation against my husband (the legal custodian ) and myself (the children’s step mother) to block an official switch custody switch sought by their mother, his "ex" ? My husband’s ex-wife blatantly bad-mouths my husband and I ( even during the current series of 4 meetings at the court assistance unit !) She brainwashed the elder child, against him, to the point where she recently moved in with her mother, and is trying to work on the younger one (who comes back crying after visits and doesn’t want to see his mother ) . The meetings are just a waste of time as there is no hope for a settlement and meanwhile the children are being exposed to her harmful behaviour.

Your husband can notify the court assistance unit, that he wishes to stop the voluntary process there, in favour of  adversarial proceedings at the family court. There is no obligation to complete the four meetings, in accordance with the new family dispute regulations that came in to force in the Summer of 2016. He can  initiate proceedings for the elder child to be returned to his custody, and take various other appropriate action against the mother, including if necessary, an application to temporarily suspend contact between the mother and the younger child (or restrict it to only supervised meetings) , orders for therapy for the elder child  , and  parental guidance . If necessary, an application can be made for the appointment of a neutral professional (such as clinical child psychologist) who can make a report and recommendations.  You would be advised to seek individual legal advice.