We are Israelis, with green cards, living for a decade in the U.S.A. (Silicon Valley). My wife wants to go back to Israel with the kids but I don’t. Our marriage is at crisis-point. I am ready to separate or even divorce, but am worried that if I agree to my wife returning to Israel with the children, I will be entirely at her mercy in terms of my contact and my relationship with the children. Is there any legal remedy to this?

Yes! It is possible to reach a negotiated solution whereby you retain your parental rights of decision making (guardianship or legal custody), even though you agree to your children being in their mother’s physical  and relocating to Israel, permanently ,with her, and  where your rights to contact and visitation are expressly safeguarded and set out. You can specifically include mechanisms and even arrangements re frequent, even daily, virtual contact (by phone or Skype etc) and visits, both in the USA and Israel. You can condition your consent upon financial guarantees on the mother’s part to guarantee your contact/visitation rights. Express provision re guarantees and the completion of the arrangements for providing them, before the children leave the States , can be an  made an integral part of the agreement.

Such an agreement should be authorized by court in the USA , into a Consent Order, which specifically includes agreement to a  "Mirror Order",  being obtained in Israel , prior to the children leaving Israel. This means that when the children enter Israel, your contact/visitation rights will already be  recognized and enforceable in Israel. The agreement will have maximum legal validity in both countries, so that your rights are enforceable  both in the USA or Israel, if the mother attempts to breach them.