Under Israeli law does a close relative and heir get to know if someone applies to probate a will which excludes him or her?


Recently the process for applying for probate in Israel has been streamlined and includes a specific  obligation to notify potential heirs under law (close relatives) if an application is being filed to probate a will which  excludes them.

Under a 2016 amendment to the regulations governing Israeli inheritance law,if an application is made to probate a will  which does not include at least one person from a list of close relatives/potential heirs, then the person applying for probate must attach  proof of service to show that  the relevant heirs under law have been informed of the application to enforce the will. Top of the list for notification are the deceased's children and the deceased's spouse at the time of his/her death. If the deceased was not survived by children or a spouse, then proof of service must be attached, in relation to the deceased's parent/s (or his/her sibling/s if they were not alive).

These changes in the regulations are in additional to the usual requirements for publication of a newspaper notice concerning the probate application, which lists the deadline for filing objections.