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Like any sale, sales tax and property appreciation tax is due, in principle. If the person from whom the property was inherited  died before 1.4.81 then, for property appreciation tax purposes,  what counts is the value of property when the person passed away . If,however, he died after 1.4.81 ,the person inheriting the property steps into his shoes, and the value is calculated as the original value, when the bequeathor acquired it.

Inheritance is not regarded as a sale for the purposes of real estate taxation , so  no you will not have to pay tax when you inherit it. Tax will be due when if you sell it.

No! The transfer of property rights as part of a court authorised divorce agreement is not regarded as a 'sale' for the purposes of the Land Taxation Law of 1963. Accordingly, the exemption is exempt from tax.

In principle, no, because there is an exception only once every four years from property appreciation tax to be levied from the seller, assuming that this was due on the second sale.