My wife refuses to return home to Belgium with our baby from a short visit to friends in Israel ,blaming growing antisemitism here. She says she plans to start the Aliyah ( immigration) process for her and our baby claiming it is their right, as Jews to live in Israel. What can I do?

Bring Hague Convention child abduction proceedings in Israel requesting a family court  order for your baby's immediate return to Belgium. You can also alert the Israeli Consulate in Belgium about your objection to any possible  attempt to gain status for your baby in Israel and of your intention to bring Hague proceedings in Israel  for the baby's return.

Your wife is acting unlawfully, and she  is not entitled to take the law into her own hands to bring about a change in your baby's country  of habitual residence without your consent and against your wishes. The baby's continued presence in Israel beyond the scheduled visit is 'wrongful retention'- an act of passive child abduction under the  convention which binds both Israel and Belgium.