My wife abducted our kids to Israel a few months ago and then promised to come back home to work on our marriage, if I closed the Hague Convention child abduction proceedings I had brought against her there in court. I was naïve and cancelled the file, but she broke her promise, and still hasn’t returned home with the kids, a month later. Can I refile under the Hague Convention in Israel, and still have a chance of getting my kids home?

Yes , if the file was closed in a manner which did not compromise your rights and you still meet the pre-conditions for a return order .

Our office successfully represented an American father who opened Hague proceedings, for the return of his children to the U.S.A, at Jerusalem Family Court in August 2018, for the second time, after he had closed the original Hague File ( opened there in April 2018) in June 2018, in the hope of saving his marriage, trusting his wife to keep her promise, without acquiescing to the minors remaining in Israel. Significant findings,favourable to the father, were made in the original proceedings, before the file was closed. Judgment was given in the second case, ordering the mother to bring about the return of the children to the USA by August 30th 2018 , based on her own specific undertaking to do so, and was given, without conditions, and without the need for a further hearing.