My son is at primary school, and hates living with his mum,who was was awarded custody when he was very young. He begs me to "fix things" so I can live with him. Would a court in Israel listen to him if I filed for custody?

Quite possibly -children's views can be heard and their wishes and viewpoints will be taken into account, subject to their age and maturity, and exercise of the court's discretion in this matter. Israeli family law procedure allows for children above the age of 6 to be "heard" by a neutral professional (usually a social worker) at the family court assistance unit or directly by the court (in the judge's chambers, often in the presence of a social worker). Alternatively, the court has powers to appoint an expert to make recommendations within custody proceedings and the child's viewpoint can be ascertained within that process. In certain cases, a court can order that a child younger than six, can be "heard" , too, though this may be via an expert such as a clinical psychologist for children who can ascertain the minor's preferences via age-appropriate tests designed to reveal his views/opinions in an indirect manner. Of course, the decision about whether a child is to be heard, and how, is subject to the court's discretion. In November 2011 Nazareth family court agreed to a request of a father, represented by our law office, for his minor child, aged 8, to be heard directly by the court (in private), after a therapist (a clinical psychologist) , whom he had been seeing, with the consent of both parents, following court instructions, recommended this, in a report filed to the report.