Is it possible for the partner of a biological parent in a stable single-sex relationship to become the legal parent of his/her partner's biological child, under Israeli law?

Yes, family courts in Israel now recognize an alternative route to adoption, in formalizing the status of partners of biological parents in gay relationship. A declaratory judgment of parenthood can be granted by an Israeli family court vis a vis the gay partner of the biological parent and the Israeli Ministry of Interior can be ordered to register the child as having two mothers, or two fathers, to overcome objections raised by the State Attorney. For example, in May 2017, Petach Tikva family court granted such a parenthood order at the request of a biological parent , the mother, and her long-time Lesbian partner, who had entered into a cohabitation agreement during pregnancy. This agreement had included declarations about parenting of future children born to either of them.


Each case will, however, be decided upon its merits, but this legal option now exists in Israel, and enables single-sex couples to overcome difficulties at the Israeli Ministry of Interior regarding registration of parenthood of the biological parent's partner, and any associated requests to change the surname of the child.