Is it possible for a father to cancel an Israeli court judgment allowing a mother to relocate overseas with their joint children, if she never acts upon it, but remains living in Israel, with the minors?


Yes-depending on the circumstances ! A court judgment permitting relocation of minors is not an open cheque, and can be cancelled, if the mother chooses not to relocate with the children after all, stated Tel Aviv Family Court in November 2018. The court accepted the father's plea to cancel a relocation order granted nearly 3 years previously, because of changed circumstances. An updated expert opinion was ordered from a clinical psychologist to see if the move was still in the children’ best interests, after the mother had decided not to leave Israel with the children and had taken no steps to actualize permission granted to relocate to New Zealand to start the 2016 school year there. The report stressed that the children, currently aged 10 and 8.5, were now of sufficient age and maturity to express their views, and have them taken into consideration. They wished to remain in Israel, had put down roots, now had a younger brother in Israel (through their father) and had become accustomed to being in joint custody to the extent that relocation was no longer in their good.