Is it possible for the ex- partner of a biological mother of children born using donated sperm, in a long-standing gay relationship in Israel, to be awarded parental time with both children, after the single-sex family unit breaks down, even if the younger child was born after the women split up, but conceived while they were together?

Yes, if this is held to be in the children’s best interests, after the family court receives input from neutral professionals it appoints – court welfare officer  (a social worker), psychologist and even a guardian-ad-litem that  may be appointed to represent the children’s own interests. This was so in a complex case ruled upon by Haifa Family Court  in June 2017 (File 60660-06-16) ,involving two women , ex-partners in a long-standing Lesbian relationship, where one of them had  become pregnant twice , after artificial insemination by a sperm donor, during their period of cohabitation  and the other had officially adopted the first child, who was born while they were a family unit. The women had split up before the second child was born. Stressing that it was putting the minors’ interests foremost, the court made a temporary decision, ordering  the establishment of contact between the second child and the non-biological mother, initially through a communication centre  and via professionals, and set equal parental time between the elder, adopted child, and both parents. It also appointed another psychologist, to make further report and recommendations, and ordered parental counselling.