I am a widow in my seventies, and have a boyfriend, a widower,whom I regard as my life partner, who lives with me. I want to leave my apartment, which was owned solely by me before we met one another, to my grown-up children, when I die, but would also like my life partner to be able to live there, as long as he likes, if I die first and not be pressurized to leave by them. Can I arrange for this without harming their inheritance rights, and if so, how?


Yes, you can make a will in which you expressly bequeath your apartment to your children but give your life partner permission to live there, at your absolute discretion, until he dies, if you predecease him, subject of course, to you still being in a relationship with him, at the time of your demise. 


You should also seek professional advice about whether to make an agreement with your life partner to define and qualify your financial relationship during your lifetime. You may be advised to have an agreement drawn up which would  protect your own interests, especially assets owned prior to your relationship.