I am the non-Israeli father of a 6 year child born in Israel to an Israeli mother who lives in Israel. We are both single, and did not marry . We registered me as the father in my home country , Italy, only, and our child has dual Italian and Israeli citizenship. Now we agree to submit an application to the Ministry of Interior to register me as father in Israel. Will it be enough to submit the child's Italian official documents and the mother's agreement to the Ministry of Interior , or must we apply to court ? I don't have any intention to ask for residence in Israel, just to give the child both our family names as his surname.

You will almost certainly be asked by the Ministry of Interior to bring a paternity judgment from the family court, in order to register your paternity in Israel and give your son a surname containing both his mother's family name, and yours, as the father. This means you will have to apply to the family court to do genetic testing, which is only performed in Israel, by court order. Arrangements can be made for your to give a sample of genetic material in Italy, via the Israeli Consulate, so that you do not have to travel to Israel for this. Our office represents non-Israeli fathers wishing to register their paternity in Israel who need to apply to the family court and where the application is made jointly with the mother, or with her consent, no hearing is usually needed at all.