I am an Israeli, living permanently in Europe with my wife (non Jewish) and children, all born in Europe. Our eldest child is a teenager, and a promising athlete, who wants to be eligible to represent Israel, but needs an Israeli I.D. At the Israeli Consulate we were told that she is not automatically eligible for Israeli citizenship, and we need to prove paternity by genetic testing, as she was born before we married (in Europe, in a civil marriage). How can we do this?


By applying for an order from the family court in Israel for genetic testing to prove paternity.If the results are positive, then the Ministry of Interior will be ordered to register her as a citizen, and issue her an I.D. number and an Israeli passport.

In the Summer of 2018 our law office successfully represented an Israeli citizen, and permanent resident of Denmark, and his non-Jewish Danish wife, in similar circumstances, in a joint application for a declaration of paternity, based on genetic testing, at Tel Aviv family court, in connection with their 16 year old son, who received his Israeli passport, in Copenhagen, about 6 weeks after proceedings were opened in Israel.