I am a divorced mum with custody of a child on the autistic spectrum . The company where I have worked for several years is relocating out of town and I want to move to be closer. Do I need the permission of my "ex" for this?

Yes - on the brief information provided, or  you must apply and gain court permission first. Even if you are the custodian, you do not have the right to move your child's place of residence unilaterally, if this involves moving to a different area of the country, and certainly not when the other parent, who is the child's natural guardian, with equal decision-making rights, objects. This is especially so where the move concerns a child with special needs. For a  move greater than c- 20-30 kms it is normally recommended to seek prior permission, even regarding a child without special needs.

In July2016 Ashdod Family Court granted a divorced father's request for an order preventing his "ex", who had custody of their children,one of whom is autistic,  from moving from the south to the centre of  the country, with the children, against his wishes,stating that stability and continuity are specially important in the case of an autistic child, and that a professional welfare report  strongly opposed the move, stating that the child was settled in a special educational framework suited to his needs, and taking him away from this would be harmful to him. In this particular case, the children had moved many times in the last few years, after their mother had remarried, twice.