I am an Arab-American living with my wife and child in South Paterson , New Jersey, in a neighbourhood known as “Little Ramallah” since we got married several years ago. My wife and child went to visit her family in Nazareth, Israel, for Easter, but when I went to pick them up at the airport I was shocked to find they were not on the return flight. When I phoned my wife’s cellphone she said they were okay, but are not coming back, and she wants a divorce. Since then she refuses to answer my calls and her family put the phone down when I call the landline. How can I get my child back home from Israel to America? He was born here in America and lived here all his life.

Bring Hague Convention child abduction proceedings at Nazareth Family Court in Israel. If your son has not been returned from  America after a visit to his mother’s family in Israel, then he is being wrongfully retained there, and not returned to his country of habitual residence, against your wishes, in a passive act of child abduction, and you have grounds for an order for his prompt return.