How will the inheritance be divided between a surviving husband and son when the wife dies and the couple's property comprises an apartment and bank account in her name only, the latter inherited from her mother, and a joint bank account?

Firstly, property registered in one party's name that was received by way of inheritance or gift, belongs to that party exclusively, and where there is no valid will, is divided equally between the husband and child, according to the 1965 Inheritance Act. This applies to the bank account inherited by the deceased wife, which shall pass in equal parts to the surviving husband, and child.
Regarding the apartment registered in the deceased wife's name, if this was not acquired by her by way inheritance or gift, then it is jointly owned, marital property, so that the 50% belonging to the deceased wife while be divided equally between her husband and her child, so that the former owns altogether 75% of the rights in it, and the child 25%,assuming there is no valid will. If, on the other hand, the deceased received the apartment by way of gift or inheritance, then the husband and son will inherit it in equal parts.
As the deceased had 50% rights in the joint bank account, these will be divided equally between her husband and the child, assuming she did not leave a valid will, so that they will own 75% and 25% respectively.