How can I protect the financial interests of my children, aged 18 and 20, from my first marriage, in case I die before my second husband, who has an adult married daughter and grandchildren, from his first marriage, and an 11 year old with me? Both of us have substantial property, from the days before we met.

To prevent your husband having any inheritance rights in your property, acquired prior to your second marriage, and to avoid the situation, whereby, according to the 1965 Inheritance Law this  will be shared between your second husband and all your three children, should you die intestate (without a valid will) before him, you can make a will. In it you can bequeath your property just to your children, if you wish, or just to your sons, if you wish,  in any way you like. Regarding property you acquire jointly with your husband during the marriage, in the absence of any property agreement otherwise, you will be equal owners, so that even if you bequeath your share in this to some or all of your children, in a will, this shall  only relate to your 50% share.