Could a report of a psychologist appointed by court, in family law proceedings be scrapped and another expert appointed instead?

As an exception, yes, in which case another appointment could be made, to replace the previous appointment. For example, in October 2016, as part of  an appeal filed by a biological mother fighting adoption proceedings, Beersheva District Court cancelled the appointment of the  court appointed expert who had filed a report in adoption proceedings at the family court because he was not on the approved  list of court experts. It  appointed a replacement expert  to file a report instead.  This was so even although both parties had consented to the pyschologist's appointment. Citing binding Supreme Court precedent on the matter, the District Court stated very clearly that family courts must adhere strictly to  the law and regulations relating to the appointment of experts .


This situation is different from one whereby an appeal court in family court proceedings may choose to appoint an additional expert or order a supplementary report, without actually scrapping the initial appointment or report.